Friday, September 30, 2011


The best thing about living alone is that if you say, doze off on the dining room floor while playing with the cat, no one is going to run across you and attempt to drag you off to the ER. It just looks bad, sleeping on the floor when you have any number of more appropriate bed substitutes at your disposal. Its a good thing that I have never done that. It would also be nice if cats would say, act like pillows as they share many of the round and soft and fluffy attributes.

Another thing I like, since it is getting darker earlier, if I get peckish after dinner and I think it sounds like a really good idea to say, go to the store and find something dessertish to eat, I usually find myself saying "its dark, don't bother, here, have a protean bar instead".

I bought a new sump pump today. It was a dark horse contender from a different big box store. It means that my tiresome trips to the basement to change its nappies will be over soon. I am hoping that new point once working will make less noise than old pump. When old pump is working it makes a sound like something large and angry is trying to eat its way up through the floor. It also makes the walls shake. I am expecting new pump to be less needy and has fewer self esteem issues because I all ready told it that I do not need to have the china rattled to be secure that it is working, I  will know it is working when I do not have mussels growing on the water heater.

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