Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up and Out

<i>Sigh</i>. I pulled out the last pepper plant and blanched and froze the last of the peppers.  I've been watching the peppers and every day and  I'm thinking <i>Still? You're still here? Damn. Aren't you tried of all this?</i> I am.

I'm not at all ambivalent about pulling the plants out, in fact, I'm <I>happy</i> about it. I get a thrill every time I yank another one out by the roots. I was <i>giddy</i> when I was finally able to get rid of the tomato plants.

 I really want to pull up the hoses and the weed barrier and put in the winter cover. The green beans are slowing the whole thing down, but I'm not complaining - they are themselves begin to age out and I think they  have about another week to ten days of productivity before its time for them to go too. Ready or not. I'm running out of space in the freezer. The watermelons are down to two small melons in the yard and one big one in my refrigerator. I've already decided that the smallest, least viable melon is going to grow up to be a pumpkin.

It can escape this fate by <i>growing</i> over the next month but since it hasn't grown applicably in the last few weeks, and a <i>good</i> watermelon grows like crazy, that this guy is going to make a great smallish pumpkin.  <i>Other</i> watermelon might just end up getting eaten, possibly by the people at work if I decide they deserve it. A lot of them suck and I'm not sure I want to waste a perfectly good melon on their suckiness.  I might use the rind for a pumpkin too.

This should not be too hard. The rinds are thick but not too think to be manipulated and I'm pretty sure I can scoop out the meat without damaging the rind.  It turns out I am not being particularly original here, "green" Pumpkins, clearly I am not the first person to have this thought.

My options are  make the two remaining unassigned melons into pumpkins or learn to enjoy watermelon rid <i>pickles</i>, I've found many, many, many recipes for it. Good to know. I still think that watermelon pumpkins sound like a <i>lot</i> more fun.

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