Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yay for TV

I just discovered that the DVR is recording <i>nothing</i> today. The schedule skipped from Monday to Wednesday.Nothing. There is not a single show I watch on  a regular bases airing a new episode. When does this new TV season start again?

And speaking of the "new season", I don't think I'm going to be picking up a single new show, well, <i>:maybe</i> that show with Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate but I don't remember what its called so its hard to find on schedules, and <i>maybe</i> that show called <i>Whitney</i>. There <i>might</i> be another drama in there but I'm not betting on it. The older I get the fewer shows are marketed to me and the fewer in general I want to watch despite the studios desire for me to just die and stop being so old. My fear is a future made up entirely of <i>Ice Road Trucker</i> and <i>Law and Order</i> reruns.

I am looking forward to <i>Community</i> coming back and <i>30 Rock</i> and <i>Bones</i>, clearly I am a big fan of Thursdays. I was trying to remember what <i>exactly</i> I watch on network TV anymore and it was <i>hard</i> So I went by day, <i>House</i> is on Mondays, although I am getting a little tired of House, he never changes or learns or moves on and in that he reminds me of Tommy Gavin on <i>Rescue Me</i., another show I used to like much more than I do now. I don't want  "very special episodes" or big changes in the charactors but come on, a decade or so later let there be <i>some</i> growth.  Ennui in fifty year old men is boring. Tuesdays. NO clue, I think maybe <i>Southland</i> is on Tuesdays when its on, which is rarely, Wednesdays? I think there wasn't anything on Wednesdays, and that night is Netflix night or should I say "Quickflix" night. Blah. Thursdays I'm NBC's bitch and Friday I watch <i>The Soup</i> and <i>Fashion Police</i>. Shut up.

If you are interested and if you're here, you are, today Dogger cut her walk short because she was frightened by a pile of newly ground stump - Good going on that, by the way! The storm was in April, the tree had just been laying there for months.I was hopeing that some enterprising urban yut would spray paint it and we could all pretend it was Urban Art or if we didn't like it, we could scream about the graffiti  and at least then the city would disappear it as is there want.

I figured the house is a rental and they didn't bother taking care of it until the school year started and they wanted to get the place rented and <i>that</i> would be hard to do with a dead tree all over the front yard. I really don't understand Doggers reaction,  she lived with a pile of ground stump in <i>her own yard!</i>. Poor dog, maybe the whole thing was more scaring than I thought.. A few minutes later in that same walk as she was double timing it home a city bus went past and after that we were <i>triple timing</i> it back to the house. On the upside for Dogger her electrolyte test came back normal and she's good for another six months, Oh! note to self! I need to call the vet  and remind them to call in a new six month script to the pharmacy.

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