Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chef Me

Well, <i>that</i> was frustrating. I've gone to two different Kroger's and a Walmart and I have not found Liquid Smoke! I couldn't get away from it this summer when I was hunting for almond extract - Now? <i>everywhere</i> And forty-five different varieties of  vanilla, even at Wally World. On the upside, I <i>did</i> find the dry sherry I was looking for. The melon isn't going to be in the garden forever and once its ready to go I want to be able to <i>go</i> with the sauce. I'm not sure the grocery industry is working with me on this.

Speaking of things to do with watermelon. What did you cook this weekend? I made <i>two different kinds of watermelon ice cream</i>. I win.

 Four cups of watermelon, seeded and mixed with a cup of sugar, pinch salt and lemon juice.

 Mixed with heavy cream and blender-ed.

Just before freezing.
Frozen. Perhaps too hard. I blame too much gelatin. Still, very tasty once you get to it.

The other recipe substituted lemon and honey for sugar and dispensed with the heavy cream and about half the gelatin. The consistency was better but it doesn't taste like watermelon. In the future when I make watermelon ice cream I'll use the ingredients in recipe #1 and the directions for recipe #2.

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