Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Testosterone fueled douchebaggery is the most douchey of all douche behavior.

While walking Dogger, I watched two young guys throwing a football across the street. If you walk twenty yards down that street you come across a huge empty field just begging for two guys or an entire team of guys, to throw a ball around. Its vast, empty and right there.

But these two DB need to toss that ball back and forth across the busy street, One of the 'bags over throws a pass and it ended up inside the ten foot fenced yard across the street. 'Bag two made to jump the fence and would have if DB number three, the putative owner of said fence,  hadn't told him forcefully to not jump the fence - as is his right - provided he is the property owner - as he was on the porch next door. I have no proof of ownership and he might just be a troll.

The two guys and now their posse want their ball back. Troll says No. The DBs and their posse are irked. Troll calls the cops. 'Bags and their posse retreat and throw another ball across the street. I'm taking Dogger back and have to cross this gauntlet.

Because I was annoyed with all of them. I hate 'bags and troll was pissing me off. Why do white people have to be such assholes?  I was all ready rehearsing my withering take-down speech to these jackasses  and one of the 'bags make some noise about not throwing the ball because of the "white lady". I tell the guy it would be a bad idea to hit me with the ball.- because lets be real, black lady, white lady, it would be a mistake to throw the ball at a pedestrian. I didn't say the "Throw the ball at me. Hit me with the ball. Act like you are going to do either and I will call the police and scream assault. First you trespassed on the trolls property then you tried to hurt me, cops are going to come and not all of us are going to spend the night in our own beds." part. The posse scared me into silence.  Douche Bags.

 I get to the troll and tell him the cops are only going to make him give the 'bags their ball back. He needs a kick in the ass for being a troll, but the grossly self-entitled, no respect for other peoples property 'bags need a smack for being such  disrespectful sacks of shit. In truth, the troll, if he is the owner, could legally shoot the 'bags  for jumping his fence and leave them for the dogs - but they have to be inside the fence, so he did them a favor by stopping them before they got into real  "I Wuz Jus Protecting My Property, Offsir" territory.

The other day I witnessed my eighty year old neighbor lady read the teenyboppers across the street the riot act for the exact same thing. The message being the next time they touch her yard the speech will come from another authority figure and she's not going to fire a warning shot.

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