Monday, October 17, 2011

Lets see. Friday night I went to  The NC State Fair  and then first thing Saturday morning,  I went on a tour of Churches downtown, which was  a lot more fun than it sounds, then I went to Occupy Raleigh , which was also a lot more fun than it sounds. This time instead of putting on emphasis on teaching us the hokey poky, we heard from very pissed off people as well as our real, live, North Carolina Secretary of State - who was also very pissed off - at us for not getting our outrage together sooner!  They did such a good job at this rally that the next time they do something, I'm doing it as well. They did such a good job getting and keeping people riled up that later, people who were not me got arrested.

From my experience at these things, you pretty much have to punch a police horse to get arrested,  but there are those who need the street cred a demonstration arrest carries. In this case they were told to leave and the protesters, predictablly, said you know "Hell No We... etc." Because the movment is not about going home and going away, they got busted.  More power to them.

Oh, and then...

And this time I want us to win,  last year it was just an honor to be there blah, blah, blah. Everyone was just thrilled  and thankful that they were just playing in the World Series, that asking to actually, win seemed rude. This? year, I want us to not just play in the World Series, I want us to WIN the World Series.

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