Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little dog lost

I was  mulling over the chances I could could squeeze another few houndred words out of  the aging process of  my green beans and my doorbell rang.  There was a young woman standing in my car port asking to speak to me  and, much to my shock, she did not appear high or schizophrenic or part of a Bonnie and Clyde style thrill killer couple. She was however, brandishing what looked like a rope.

 As I went out in the dark to speak to her I wondered briefly who would play me in the Lifetime TV Smart Women Foolish Choices in Jeopardy Movie made about the last badly planned minutes of my life.

As it turned out, the rope she was brandishing was a leash and she was not  going to use it to tie me up! Score!  She wanted to tie up a dog. The young woman had corralled a loose, lost dog, with the help of one of the feral cats, who it turns out is also a  Border Collie, who wisely chose  that moment to use itself as bait  and hid under the car causing a diversion and allowing the dog to be eventually captured. By me. With my dog leash. To be held in my backyard.

The girl was very concerned about the dog. Very. So concerned she promised if I kept the dog over night she would take the dog to the shelter in the morning - but, she teaches and has to be at work at 6:45am. Oh, and as concerned as she was, she had to go to a birthday dinner and needed to bounce. She left me her name and number and the dog.

I answered the door and now I have a scared dog tied up in my backyard. I  vaguely recognized the dog as did the woman across the street who has seen the dog all over the nab. The girl reported that before the dog was playing in traffic, it was following two guys, one of which might have allowed the dog they were chasing away was his girlfriends and either the dog or the girlfriend was named Beauty. But in either case, they were not responsible for the dog.

The girl took responsibility for the dog and then handed that responsibility over to me. The girl took off for her dinner and I called Animal Control. And waited. And waited and called again. The WCAC is not a no kill like the girl said it was, its a hold for five days and depending on the census at the shelter the animals  are either A) gassed or B) adopted out shelter.

Animal Control did make it out and now I feel like a dog killer. I called the girl and told her that the dog was taken care of and she's off the hook for dog duty. She kept the dog from getting hit by a car and now I get to feel like I just sent it to the gas chamber. I'm not answering my door anymore.

Lost, found, safe?

Update. This all happened at about 8:30pm. at 10:45pm my door bell rings again. Having learned nothing, I answer the door. It is the original dog finder and ta da! the dog owner who is pisssssed about the dog.

It does not help that dog finder has been  really haranguing the woman about her poor dog safety practices. I give the  very upset dog owner the number I called to get the dog picked up. They go away. I go back inside. Ten minutes later the  bell rings again and it is dog owner again and she is pisssed that I gave her the "wrong number". I did not. She was mad because when she called, instead of answering the phone "Dog Jail" they answered it with "communications". She called them back and got the number of the actual dog jail but not before she got mad at me for giving her "that number" instead of the dog jail number.


 I tell her that the number I gave her was the number I called  that resulted in a truck coming and getting her dog. She then accused me of having her dog inside my house. I told her I can't have another dog, and  that the dog finder and I did what we thought was right for the safety of the dog, what with cars and other dogs and people and all.

 I was told the dog was safe! and didn't need protection. I wasn't sure when the dog was the most safe or not in need of protection, when it was playing traffic or when it was seen running around  loose without a collar many times. She made me feel like a dog kidnapper. I hope she gets her dog back, quickly, because if she comes back here to give me shit again, I'm going to set my dog on her.

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