Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't roof and drink.

Go Rangers!  They knocked the Devil Rays out of the play offs! I believe the Rays are from Florida and they are named like an expansion team, like the <i>Marlins</i>, if you have to explain <i>why</i> your mascot is a bad ass, your mascot is <i>not</i> a bad ass. Your mascot is a <i>fish</i>.

Speaking of bad ass things that are really lame and slimy. There is a house down the street getting a new roof. Super, it needed a new roof and new flashing and new downspouts and new chimney I would imagine. They have been there since last week! I got a new roof some years back and I remember they had it torn down to the studs and then they rebuilt it and they left. They were professionals and they worked very hard all day and, they, did work <i>all</i> day and then they moved on to the next job. I know they weren't here for a week. And I know they did not drink on the job.

These guys are learning  the job while they drink on the job. They are also working all day but they spend a good part of the day walking up and down the street to the gas station and buying beer.There is occasionally a supervisor on site who tells them things like "When you get that laid down you hammer it. Now you hammer it. With the hammer, son, not like that, with the blunt end" and then they all laugh because the boss man said "blunt". The beer is finished the roof is <i>not</i>. Right now in fact, they are sitting on the porch of the house drinking more beer and being loud and the roof is still not finished, I don't know what they could possibly be celebrating - and I have my doubts they are celebrating the Rangers victory.

I have a feeling that place is going to end up with several rather creatively placed  "sun lights" and the fact that the roof will double as a spaghetti strainer will just make the whole house just that much more marketable when the time comes.

Yesterday, I asked the very nice,  professional handy man  while he was installing  my Thank You Jesus new sump pump about those workmen down the street and he called them "Jack Legs" and told me about the beer runs . He also just had a new roof put on his place and you can be damn sure there was no on the job learning or porch sitting or drinking at his place either.

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