Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry, I would have been here soon but I had to call a couple of  North Carolina senators and threaten them with return to North Carolina if they don't vote for the Jobs Bill. I don't think anything is scarier to a pol that makes it out of North Carolina than the idea of having to return permanently to North Carolina. One will vote for it and the other is an obstructionist, Rethuglican bag of shit.

Before that I had the wild and uncontrollable desire to make pie-ish things I don't know how to make pie-ish things but I know that I wanted more than anything to go to the store and buy pie dough and pie filling. I did that. I was a bit thwarted though because Kroger hid the pie filling, this causes  to believe in Kroger World  black people don't make pie and don't need filling or that black people do make pies but they grow their own pie filling. I'm sure some do, but all? I doubt this. and if they do not grow their own pie filling, the only pie they make from store bought filling  is cherry pie. I have these memories of shopping at other grocery stores, other Kroger's even and having many, many, many choices and an almost endless supply of things to fill a pie with. Perhaps white people make more pies, I don't know.

I made three pie-ish things. Two lovely round ones and one kind of oblong pie-ish thing. I am also not really hungry, I wasn't hungry before either I just really, really wanted to make pie-ish desert food.

I was in  baking place because I'm stressing. I stress bake. I am waiting for election results and the Ranger game to get underway. They won last night at the bottom of the eleventh inning, big time. 7-3.

Speaking of contests, the Democrat control Senate just betrayed their president and their constituents. Way to go. When will the party learn that maintaining discipline and punishing  bad behavior is a good thing? You don't vote the way the party wants and every cent the party gave you for your campaign has to come back, you don't run as a democrat again and you get nothing from the party  or its machinery ever again. The only thing the rethuglicans do well is maintain discipline in the ranks. We don't, and we let crap like this happen over and over again.

If a dem pol votes with the party line 100% of the time, they get 100% of  whatever funding the party hands down,  a dem pol does not votes with the party  less than 85% of the time, they don't get funding because they aren't a Democrat. Name and Shame. Out with the old and in with the new.

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