Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Dog Night

I think my dog uncovered a crime scene. Its fun living in the city. First she sniffed a plot of grass, every blade of grass and then she followed the sniff into the parking lot and that's where she showed me the blood trail! I was like Oh this is great! That's blood. Yeah. Some one was bleeding. Super.  and she's like Hmm. O-.  The only sign that anything happened there was a discarded flea collar in the grass.

Dogger didn't even want to pee on whatever she was sniffing! Dogs love to pee on their sniffs! Its what they do, they sniff and then they pee on it. Sniff, pee, sniff, pee. They can do it for hours, Dogger could leave pee every few yards all the way to the moon. She doesn't need oxygen to sniff, she would sniff atmosphere, she'll find those aliens, figure that whole thing out, Big Bang? creation of the universe?  she would take care of that.  Girl dog is that  good. First dog in space my Daisy.

 It wasn't the first time I've wished she could talk, because after the amount of time she spent investigating the scene I'm pretty sure she knows what went on, who was there, who was bleeding and why, and what it was all about.

She was all Dude, I don't think you want to know. One adult male  he smelled like cheese?  and two  unneutered female dogs,  one in heat, big dogs,  and two younger males with a  dog, wearing dirty clothes, smelling like earth and  meat and arousal were very upset here. Their dog was male, not fixed, um, flea collar was his,one of the females ripped it off. Very upset. One of the younger  human males was afraid and he paced around a lot, he was very upset, he sweated a lot, very scared, see here? urine, human, hmm, diabetic? The other male was injured by the female dog and the other man, see here? two sweats, one dog, one blood. There is a lot of blood on the grass and the dogs, lots of dogs have been here. The injured ran to the hard ground. Dude it was ugly.

And suddenly, the constant sirens I hear at night make sense.

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