Friday, October 14, 2011


I now have a ghost detecting app on my phone. I suspect that this will bring my cat and I closer together.

I also have an app that will allow me to set a timer to make the phone ring at a given time. I also now have Netflix on my phone so I can ignore the movie I've had for two weeks even when I'm not at home, speaking of when I'm not at home, I can now book hotels through Expedia, from my phone! I don't go anywhere and I can't remember the last time I booked a hotel room from a land line, but now, I can see how much a room in Phuket would run me while I'm standing in  line at Walmart, and thanks to the lovely price-line app I downloaded the other day, I can price out flights to Rome while I listen to the Lunar Enhanced screech  racial obscenities  at me as they rage about the brutal  murder of their very much alive son. Today's woman must be able to multi-task.

There is this book I really want on my Kindle but it costs too much so I might get it a hard copy of it instead - which defeats the Kindle, but  $11.99 defeats me.

I haven't bought pumpkins yet. I think the failure of my pumpkin vines hurt me on a such a deep, weird level that I am now projecting my feelings of sadness on all pumpkins. My ambivalence about autumnal decorating is the manifestation of that hurt. Pumpkins just kind of make me nauseous now. I feel like I've been through a bad break up and I don't want to get involved  with other gourds again so soon.

Is it fate that not ten minutes after I finally found my Ranger shirt, they lost the game?

I've decided to give Whitney a chance. I'm going to watch it for the first time this week on a TV with a working  tube. I like her but I don't like-her-like-her yet and so far I like the boyfriend better. The show is not called The Boyfriend, this is not good for the future of the show.

This is going to sound stupid, but I know Free Agents was going to fail because there was too much set-dressing and the costuming used too many prints, the sets and the costumes should not be what stays with the viewer. They also threw too many speaking parts at us too fast, It was hard to figure out who was supposed to be the focus of the show and that is confusing to a new viewer, "is it that loud girl and those two guys or is it Hank Azaria and that girl who looks familiar?" as a viewer I don't want to figure it out. New shows need to stick to a small core group until the season progresses, and then slowly introduce us to the rest of the people who make up that world.

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