Thursday, December 8, 2011

Checking my lists

Yay! One more thing kind of off the list, kind of part one  of a multi-part  project done!

I bagged up the cookies!



left overs!

I came out with eighteen bags. I had them all made and discovered I had sixteen instead of seventeen as planned  and I was not happy but I resisted the urge to destroy the dinning room even though I had all ready put everything up and thought I was finished with the endless circles around the table and the counting to twelve by twos over and over and over again - eight flavors times sixteen times each -  and  without any self directed rage at all, simple filled another bag and then I decided that I could send my friend on Facebook with the brand new dog, cookies from this batch, because if you are filling one bag you might as well fill two. And she didn't need special puppy cookies anyway, I think the dog is at least half grown.

I think  with the left overs I could still fill a few more I inadventanly forgot someone or three with at least six of the eight varieties and still  have some extras for Dogger.

 Today at work I wantonly misused state resources making  ingredient stickers for the bags only to  forget a couple of add ins, so tomorrow I'm going to miss use state resources again to make corrected ones. Wantonly

And now I need to get address labels made - hello more  miss use of state resources! then I need to remember to insert Christmas cards into the packages, which will get me going on getting the cards out, another Yay!

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