Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sing a song

I decided to go shopping for some new Christmas CDs for work so to avoid another day listening to boy choirs squealing in Latin. True, most of those squealing boy choirs are my squealing boy choirs but after eight hours with them it makes you almost not vomit when someone slips in a Yanni. Almost. To correct this Yanna positive climate, I bought  Brian Seltzer and Ella Fitzgerald.  Seltzer rocks the Grinch song.

Today we listened to  a selection of  perhaps the most funereal Christmas music recorded. It seemed designed  for play as the musical accompaniment  burying your murdered Grandmother on Christmas Eve, in a dungeon. It made me dream of the soothing sounds of protestants in flip flops singing Ave Maria in August - another CD we listen to too often. Its only been two days and I am already a little over our selection. I am also over being the designated  office Christmas  Music DJ - hense the squealing boy choirs. They feel my pain.

While I was at Wallyworld again - it turned out Dogger was down to food crumbs, which I didn't notice because it was thick crumbs, two meals worth of thick crumbs. It also trues out that my Wallyworld in Knightdale is the worst Wallyworld in the world. The one in Garner is much nicer. I had gone out to hit the Sam's Club, also, by the way, better run than my Wallyworld in Knightdale.  I discovered cat dust in a 42 pound bag. I like this, how many of those plastic boxes do you really need? I mean, unless you are building some sort of extension on your house with them... I imagine you could fill them with cement and do something with them but, really, the bag is a better choice, much less waste. In the future, this will be my go-to dust buying method.

Earlier, speaking of Dogger and her food. Dogger woke me up at 1:15am. I feel much better about my dog mama-ing skiliz - I heard her whimpering through a closed door, up a flight of stairs, under three blankets and deeply asleep.I went out in my pajamas and a heavy coat and discovered that at 1:15 it was surprisingly muggy and featured a rather lot of pedestrian traffic. You miss so much hidden behind your burgler alarms and locked doors. Dogger made like a whole herd of goats and left my front yard looking like a new recruit. Then she dry heaved for a while before puking her little doggy guts up. Fortunatly, for Dogger this time it wasn't her guts, this time it was her food.

She seemed fine in the morning but when I left she had made herself into the smallest dog ball ever. I vowed to come home and if she hadn't unballed herself, we were going to the vet. I left her under a blanket. Happily, when I came home at lunch she had unballed herself and kicked off the blanket. She was very hungry at dinner and everything else seemed to be coming out okay too. I always worry when Dogger has any kind of health complaint because Dogger doesn't usually do best case scenarios. Thankfully, this time she did. Thus far.

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