Thursday, December 1, 2011

Days of whine and cookies

11/29 - Another day, three hundred and fourteen cookies. And as it turns out, the secret to increased bulk in broth cookies is "add more flour". I also learned that playing Christmas music in the background is a good way to make the whole tedious process less tedious. It turns out doing the entire tedious process total silence was a bad idea, it actually adds to the tedium.

Also, eat a slice of excellent pie before you start said tedious process.

Tomorrow I make bacon cookies and after that, banana and after that a batch of  milk cookies, a batch in  red and a batch in green. These will be larger stars. See , "tedium".

11/30 Well, yet another day, I was thwarted by my Google Tool Bar disappearing and not coming back. It wouldn't be a big problem except that the tool bar has custody of the spell check and I really need the spell check feature.  Even while dealing with this lose, I still managed to produce two hundred and sixty-four more cookies. I went off the rez a little though, instead of going with my scheduled bacon cookies, I went crazy and made banana instead. I was surprised that about a cup of creamed bananas did not add significantly to the amount of dough I ended up with and in the end the yield was less than I wanted. I'm going with the idea that the cookies will be more dessertish in nature due to the addition of some molasses and vanilla to the mixture so maybe they won't need as many. I've also changed my mind about the bacon cookies, I'm still making them but I think they are going to be bacon/cheese cookies. High yield city.

Oh, and after I made the cookies...

And so it begins...

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