Monday, December 19, 2011

In sickness (mine)

Hello! I'm hack, hack, choke, gag back! And depending on when you catch me, I may or may not be about to die. For example, right now I am not going to die but earlier, I really was ready to go towards the light.

I  was able to stay up until 10pm Saturday night but that might have had more to do with Mucinex that I'm not taking anymore. The Mucinex by the way earned a big FAIL by the way.  I don't think it helped much and it made me speedy. I didn't have access to the directions while at the store but it says quite clearly that it should not be taken by individuals with high blood pressure and thyroid disease - They don't talk about that in the adds and it might have well come with a sticker that said "Diana! Don't buy this! , so of course I did . IN my defence, I did not feel well at the time.

I do not feel well a lot of the time. I closed on the house refi on Friday while feeling not well. I'm sure there were a lot of questions I should have been asking but the drive there and then having to sit up the whole time was just making me very tired. It would have helped if I had been notified more than twenty minutes ahead of time that I was closing!  I told them I would not be closing in twenty minutes and that we would have to reschedule the appointment . So we changed it to 2:15.

In their defence, they did call every number in the building trying to reach me. A lot of people wanted me know that a lawyer had called for me. Oddly, no one thought it was for a benign reason. Do I seem like someone who would have lawyers after them for non-benign reasons? I was a little concerned by their concern.

Hack, hack, cough, choke, gag

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