Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dogger just doesn't understand I want to  collapse on the my chair and read my magazine and be still, ideally, with Small Cat in my lap. Dogger won't let me just be! She wants to sit in the door way and whine and whistle and whimper while Small Cat and I are trying to relax.

If I go and get Dogger so she can lay next to my chair and be still, she wants to jump and spin around and be active. I want to recover which precludes "activity". To calm Dogger down, I take Dogger outside to pee, but the outside is cold, and she wants to wander around. I want to sit on my chair and heal, I can not heal in the yard. I bring her back in the house and she wants to play. She does not get it! Small Cat gets it, he wants me to be still so he can curl up on sleep.  He does not "get" coughing.

In addition to all this my teeth hurt. It feels like the second day with braces or I spent the day with Helga the Nazi Hygienist getting a very through teeth cleaning. And my head hurts. On the upside, I did buy approximately a metric ton of  kleenex so I do have a handy solution to this pain but I also feel that I do not want to look like Rudolph, even in the privacy of my own home. And blowing my nose scares the cat.

Oh, and my entire rib cage hurts. Front and back.  Cough. Cough. I called my doctors office today to say I have these symptoms and should I come in and in any case could they please write me a script for a cough syrup that could make all this stop. I need two, one for night and one for day. I could get one at the store but they have a bad habit of being great at stopping coughs but not great for the rest of my health. OTC is for young people.

We were all at lunch and  some one said something funny and I laughed and then I had a fun coughing spasm. In front of my boss.

Boss Buddy - Is she all right?
Boss - Why are you looking at me? I'm a social worker! You're a nurse! Is she all right? Be a nurse!
Boss Buddy 2 - Lets move on from here.

I feel the need to point out that BB2 was my  boss for years. Clearly, I was fine but damn.

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