Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Hello Children!

I'm pretty sure I'm writing to an empty room. This is always the slowest, lowest readership time of the year. You are not around your computer and have other ways to keep yourselves occupied - perhaps you are spending your winter break Occupying , which is terrific and more power to you! or you are just sleeping late and catching up with your DVR - whatever. I feel you.

In honor of all these things keeping us all busy, and because it seems that none of the sites I read on a daily basis are active until after the New Year, I also will be taking off. More or less. I'll be around but not posting on my regular schedule, because  if no one else is putting in the effort, and I don't want to be the lone grade grubber making everyone else look bad with my dedication to providing new content to the masses. Totally.

Oh, I got a cleaver for Christmas. I will never be laughed at by food again. Roll away from me now... whack, whack, whack! Tonight, for the first time, I had a normally insolent chicken breast call me Ma'am. I wanted it cubed and damn it, it cubed.

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