Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring in the winter.

I am not just sitting around watching TV and playing with my cleaver. I am also reading my mail

Did you know they make blue potatoes? I'm sure I have said nasty things about them in the past, but this year I want them and I want them bad. Not bad enough to buy them from Burpee, but bad enough to do a quick Google search to find them cheaper. And I did! A third of the price too! for more!  Suck on that Burpee! and while I was cheating on Burpee, I learned that another  fancy variety of spud I had wanted from them is not as pest and disease resistant as I would like. The more you know... I think the rest of the seed potatoes I get this year I'm going to get locally. And there will be "the rest". This spring should be spudtastic.

I know those look purple but they are blue. They are the official carb of the DNC.

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