Thursday, December 15, 2011


Still sick. I have much more voice but much more sore throat and sore muscles and a new and improved constant hacking cough. Yay? progress? On the upside it is now 7:39pm EST and I'm not  surprised by this and feeling like it must really be much, much later because I am so exhausted.

As long as I don't swallow or breath deeply, I feel almost normal.

Tomorrow I'm going to check out the gas station to see if they sell hot chocolate. This morning, after I recoved from the triathlon of brushing my teeth - I had to stand up, I had to hold my hand up while griping  the toothbrush and I still had to keep myself upright - I picked some up at McDonald's and it set me back some bills. I know I said large but I know I did not say drain my wallet. They must think morning customers are just stupid. I, at least can say I'm sick so I have that going for me. The minute I'm feeling better though, no more McDonald's hot chocolate for me.

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