Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hair Don'ts

I have several resolutions I want to take care of but the first and the easiest was No More Gray Hair in The New Year! . I went with a new brand this time around because as much as I like the other guys, the resolution was "no more gray hair" and other brand was just not good at that.

So. I have "no more gray hair", resolution resolved. But, now my hair is darker than its been since I discovered  Sun In back in '86. I'm like the worlds oldest Goth Girl! I also am now sporting a 'do that would make Side Show Bob proud. There is such thing as "too much conditioner", if you had ever doubted it. Now my hair has more body than the fat lady at the opera and more life than a green house. If I had flat lifeless hair this would be super but as it was, it was all ready shopping in the Big Girl section at the store and frankly did not need more life.

Tomorrow, more resolutions.

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