Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Try, try again.

Another day another resolution. Tomorrows resolution is going to be that I will find that damn radiology clinic that I could not find today. I will also write down the address. And its name.

I have  been ill.

I was successful picking up my fancy new cough medicine though. I really needed a success by that point. Supressent in hand, I'm pretty sure its going to take care of a lot of things I need because its suppose to be a rock star quality narcotic, um, cough suppressant, uh, codeine.

I hope it does work because yet another one of my resolutions is that I will get rid of this cough - it has way, way, out stayed its welcome and I am ready for it to pack up its Jersey Shore caliber outfits and go back to wherever it came from -  And while its packing up it can take its attendant alleged rib issue its been wearing like a bad weave. I know it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch but I don't know why. Is it possible to sprain a rib?  It might be like a sprained ankle, you know, they hurt way worse than an actual break and for longer. You can't do anything for a sprain and even if it is a break there isn't anything they can do for it. They all ready gave me codeine, what more can I ask for?

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