Thursday, January 26, 2012


Why you should not go grocery shopping while hungry - You will go in to the store to buy a handful of small things to make dinner and you will leave the store with four bags of  food to make days and days of dinners.

For instance, for tonight, I bought turkey sausage and cheese for pizza.  These were the only things I went to the store for in the first place. Cheese and sausage. I left with two kinds of  Asian-y sauces,  lemon juice, a different cheese, chicken thighs, raspberries, mushrooms, ground turkey, chicken and pork.  My pizza was very good and provided me with dinner for tomorrow night as well. I also ended up with  meatloaf fixings and the ingredients for another crock pot recipe.

I should have eaten first.

I was going to make  the meat loaf yesterday but I talked myself out of it as I had no meat and I was not excited about going to the store to go get some, this is when having a magic cupboard would come in very handy, because then if you wanted to make meatloaf, you could make meatloaf!  Anytime, day or night! You get an itch for loaf and there it is. I imagine at some point you would have to fill out a lengthy shopping list at some point so the magic cupboard would know what to supply, but it would be worth the time investment. You wouldn't have to wait for it to be convenient, you would just have the idea and then bang meatloaf fixings! Of course the magic cupboard would also have to be refrigerated but its magic so you know. Handy.

While I was shopping for cheese and sausage, I also picked up chicken thighs and Asian fish sauce. I've never used Asian fish sauce but I had to buy an enormous bottle of it so I can be pretty sure I'll be finding many ways of utilizing for the near future. I am curious how it will be utlized with chicken thighs, the recipe is for a kind of Pan- Asian/retro/suburban fusion thing so if they were selling from a food truck I would think it was awesome.

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