Monday, January 9, 2012


Friday, Accomplishday, Sunday...  Saturday was a very good day.

I decided to jump ship from Dish to Direct in order to save some cash and as it turns out, "some" is $30 a month - Not a huge amount but over the course of the year it means $360 and that is substantial. Its going to go up in 2013, but that's how the industry works. I'll pay that for a year and then I'll jump ship to Dish and take advantage of their Welcome Back Deal - for two years and then I'll jump ship again.

I've discovered that my $30 a month was mostly paying for a more ergonomic operating system. It was not paying for some channels I really like and as it turns out, are basic channels everyone else gets! Even on the cheapest packages and the only reason I did not get them was that I had been a client for too long, new clients got them and were paying less for them and that made me mad. I was also mad because I haven't been able to watch TV upstairs since last April and Dish wouldn't send some one out to fix it, insisting that the only service I need was me to play with my remote. I tried to explain it wasn't a "mental" problem with the system, it was a "physical" problem brought on by a snapped cord.  I pay less and now I have all the channels I've lusted after and I can watch my bedroom TV again.

I got an early start on Saturday because the technician from Direct arrived on time.I welcomed him in my pajamas. I had scheduled the visit between 8a-12p  but who knew when they said 8a they meant 8a? I thought I would at least have a chance to brush my teeth before I let the guy in. Its a good thing he got there early because he was there for five hours! If I had scheduled the visit for the afternoon he would have been there all night. Can you eat dinner in front of the guy? Do you make dinner for two? Whats the etiquette?

He wasn't the only one working. I took all the Christmas stuff down, this doesn't sound like a lot until you realize I spend the month of December in Santa's Workshop.The outdoor stuff was out of  the yard but not put away and was living in my entry way blocking my front door. Its all boxed up and in the attic. This also took about five hours.

After the tech finally left, I started on the cabinets. I started with the cabinet next to the stove and cleaned it out. My loss is Goodwills' gain. I didn't find a lot to donate, but no one needs two hand mixers and there is only so many food choppers one needs and how many plastic strainers are necessary? Getting this space opened up, allowed me to move my most used pots and pans from cabinet 3,  opening it up to house some small appliance's that I don't use as often. I'm still not happy with it but I think after I clean out the other cabinet, I'll be able to rehome some of the stuff from cabinet 3 and make it look nicer. We haven't even spoke about the cabinet over the refrigerator yet. There is a lot of real estate up there and  I know I could be using it better.

Also, I did the laundry.

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