Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doing my thang

Well, Monday wasn't nearly as productive as the weekend was.  My big accomplishment was bringing in the paper and feeding the animals and walking Dogger twice. I'm not quite up to reintroducing our evening walk yet. I did fork over for a stroll around the back yard in the rain and then a bonus meander around the front yard so I don't feel like I'm bringing her down with me. I'm going to take her out later too so I might be approaching curb buster territory, in dog person land, I don't want to make enemies.

A little later I went all the way downstairs and I watered my mushroom and  after I got myself back upstairs, noted that my aloe plant is sprouting baby aloes so I am being somewhat productive, not weekend level productivity but certainly not falling asleep in front of the TV level sloth.

I could vacuum the living room but I don't want to hit my peak too early in the week and  spend the rest of the week trying to look busy. With that in mind, I'm concentrating on filling the dishwasher because it seems like a good, manageable task that I can do over time and not burn myself out. I'm keeping myself busy watching Cooking Channel pretty much all the time, my new hobby is DVRing shows and then watching them and then, drum roll please deleting the episode because I don't "have" to save it! I have access to those shows all the time! I don't have to stock pile them for a rainy day! Whee!!!

I also now have DIY all the time so maybe I'll build an addition or something.

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