Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A more useful cat

If they can breed dogs to do just about any task imaginable, why can't they breed a cat that wants to be a pillow? Dogs want tear out the throats of weasels, to herd or pull carts or eat bad guys. Dogs have resumes. Cats nap a lot. I don't get that while cats are happy to sleep all day and lounge around why no one will make the leap to creating a pillow cat? I want to spend the day napping and lounging!  They can be spread out pillows and teeny cat ball pillows!  they conform to the available space! They are ideal for the job. They are naturally warm, very soft, very fluffy, squishy yet with a comfortable level of firmness and they create a lovely white noise as well. I don't see why this is not happening.

They make cats that collapse when you pick them up and they won't make a cat that wants to be a pillow? Neck pillows! What about Cat Heating Pads? warm? solid? a little weight to them? Why is this not  something we have all ready?

I mean, otherwise, what good are they? Even otherwise useless yappy little dogs will tear up a weasel! Cats aren't nearly as annoying and the best they can do is chase bugs and maybe the odd mouse if they even know what a mouse is. I really think its time to get moving on the pillow cat idea.

And also? Cats could be bred to be massage therapists! They all ready "make biscuits" as a way of helping bring up their mothers milk, why not exploit this naturally occurring skill to mankind's benefit? Cats have very strong "fingers" and I think they could be bred to know musculature and how to work with it.  Can you imagine a litter of trained massage cats working out those knots on your back? And again, warm and that's very therapeutic and comforting. I see a lot of potential here! It would totally solve the homeless cat situation! And medical costs? Shredded! Its about thinking outside the cat box.

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