Thursday, January 12, 2012


No, those aren't blingy condom packages! I got my seeds! I know right now they don't look particularly interesting right now but I see TV cooking show approved flat Italian parsley and organic Italian oregano and the most pretty double bloom morning glories! Totally not condoms.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the herbs since in my experience they are expensive and come pre-crushed and dried in little jars. Imagine my shock when the seeds were so cheap and available on the open market like tomatoes or hoodies. The small fortune I've spent on store bought varieties had given me in the impression that herbs are somehow more special and hard to produce than cancer drugs or decent scripted network television. I'm interested to see at what point in their growth cycle the little jars form and how they end up crushed and dried. Does it happen during the day? is it only over night? How about the labels? Do I make those or do they also just appear. How long does it take the little jars to come ripe?

I'm more comfortable with the morning glories. I plant a lot of seeds, pay very little attention to them, plant other, faster growing, sexier plants around them and some of the sad, unsexy seeds will  come up and create saddish vines and  even fewer of them will live long enough to flower. In this case I don't have a lot of seeds so I'm  a concerned that these might not work with my gardening philosophy or be as easy to grow as my cheaper seeds in prior years and I  might have to pay attention to them.

 The problem with this is that historically, my potted plants do best when I treat them a like a mother turtle treats her young, I turn my back as soon as they are planted and never see them again. When I do show them proper care and attention they turn yellow and die. My attention causes  potted plants to lose the will to live. Best case scenario is to dump the seeds into pots, cover them with dirt, water them a couple of times and forget what they are and hope for the best.

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