Sunday, January 29, 2012

Screen Actors Guild Awards / SAG Awards results 2012

Not only did you not know they were on or even care, but even if you did  care, you didn't know what channel they were on. Quick answer, not one of the big four. Think basic cable, the show took up valuable air time on both TNT and TBS. Simultaneously. Take that Oscars (tm), two channels simultaneously. Kapow.

8:02 PM Start

Stupidness. I Does not bode well for the rest of the show. Shut up Ducky. Shut up guy I don't know. Shut up Emily Blunt.   Actors : We aren't here to hear your life story listen as you read from your resume.

8:05. Michelle Williams or some one who looks like Michelle Williams. Its hard to tell, but she seems comfortable smiling so it can't be Williams.

Best Supporting Actor Film - Christopher Plumber, Beginners ( spoke for too long)
Best Supporting Actress Film - Octavia Spencer, The Help Love her dress, love her. I still wanted Melissa McCarthy to win. (spoke too long)

Best Actor TV Comedy - Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock. Short Speech. (movie star)
Best Actress TV Comedy, Betty White, Hot in Cleveland . Kept it short.
Best Ensemble TV Comedy - Modern Family, well better them than Glee.

Best Actress TV Movie or Miniseries- Kate Winslet, Mildred Pearce .Not in attendance. (movie star)
Best Actor TV Movie or Miniseries - Paul Giamatti . Not in attendance. (movie star)

Best Actress TV Drama - Jessica Lange, American Horror Story (movie star)
Best Actor TV Drama - Steve Buschemi, Boardwalk Empire (movie star)

This is never actually going to end, an hour and a half in we have nine trophies, a life time achievement and the  In Memoriam . Jeezus.

OMG Larry Hagman looks like utter hell. Gawd.

Best Ensemble TV Drama - Boardwalk Empire

Best Actor in a Leading Role Film - Jean Deguerdan, The Artist
Best Actress in a Leading Role FilmViola Davis, The Help

Best Ensemble Film - The Help
 9:59 PM

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