Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everything, all at once.

My cat groans in his sleep. What does this say about me as his person? I don't think Tex ever groaned in his sleep. Is he sending me a message? Is he unhappy? Unfulfilled? Frustrated? Tex would just smash something or crunch an envelop in the middle of the night. He communicated. Small Cat whines in his sleep. I don't speak Small Cat yet.

My project for today is to find out what happens when you abruptly stop taking your steroids! The instructions suggest to not do this but my Doctor told me to stop so there you go.  It turns out turning red is a bad thing, oddly,  people at work were complimenting me on my oddly, unusually healthy complexion. Normally I look like death, I have in the past been what china dolls were judged against.

And now I look tomato. A tomato with a ten second attention span, now I'm going to read my kindle book, decide what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow, go shopping for chicken pot pie ingredients, walk the dog, clean the cat box and watch some TV.

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