Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The sound of one lady cooking

You know what doesn't photograph at all well? chicken pot pie. Even the best pot pie in the world photographs like dog food, wet dog food - and not expensive-looks-like-people-food-dog food, no it photographs like el cheapo, store brand "pate".  Tragic really because I made the best chicken pot pie ever and when I tried to capture its image, it morphed into pate. So demoralizing.

It turns out the secret to the worlds best pot pie  is in the browning.  Brown everything before  you pie it and its magic.  Brown that chicken and then soak that chicken all night in a red wine and herb marinade. Also? the  fresh, home-grown shiitake much-rooms didn't hurt either.

And how did I get all this done for a weeknight dinner? Well, if you are coming off an large enough dose of steroids, you too can chop and  prepare an entire meal in minutes the night before!  Really, I went to the store, I chopped, I separated, I soaked , I did it all! and then I found the perfect little plastic box or bowl to hold each ingredient - because the right sized container is key .

Today all I had to do was brown everything, deglazing between with lamb stock and add the cream  soup. Later, while it was cooking I made a hole in the center and added more lamb stock because I saw the Two Fat Ladies do it on TV, it works by the way. Nummy.

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