Friday, February 24, 2012


In honor of lent I am absolutely going to put the bike back in the car and all ready there is nothing I want to eat in the house. I have had two lunches in a row of protean bar and tea in my car. While I haven't reached self-denial nirvana as yet, I know its out there. I am so going to move the exerbike back in front of the office TV very soon and as soon as I get the right cables, I am totally going to watch the How To Use This Big Giant Ball As A Work Out Tool DVD I haven't been able to watch yet.

On to a different thought process. You know what would really improve work productivity? Lap Cats! Each worker would be assigned a cat that would curl up in the workers lap and go off to sleep. The worker would be so happy with the sleeping cat that they wouldn't dare leave their seat for a non-work related purpose in fear of waking it up and losing the cat to another worker better able to stay at their desk. You might have to work hours before the cat would deem you a good nap risk and return to you. The kitty would purr every once in a while and have what ever dreams cats have and sometimes they would wake up and nuzzle the worker and all in all, the work day would be much better and much more productive and lower in stress, I would also guess there be less absenteeism because who wouldn't want to spend the day with a lap cat?

And see, they could all be adoptable as well! We could clean out the shelters of orphan cats and kittens! It would be a revolution! Lets say you really like one of the office lap cats and you want to  let it explore the career of couch cat? You could take it home with you! A new lap cat would be introduced and  the circle of life would go on! And if you have a bogus, made up "look at me I'm special!" cat allergy? You could get a lap turtle instead! Think of the  reptile joy! I see a lot of benefits to this, no downside at all. I think I'll start drafting a grant proposal immediately! Totally.

Tomorrow is by biannual review. I took a shower and washed my hair in preparation, I thought it would be good to have clean hair in advance of hearing my sins  categorized and rated by degree of incompetence. I think I'm going to have to bring Small Cat with me to work, I'm going to need a lap cat.

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