Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being Good

I thought if I went to 7pm  Mass that I would be the minority and everyone else would have all ready gone earlier, they had Masses all day after all and there are so many churches around now. Yeah. The earlier masses must have gone begging because it looked like Christmas in there.

"Looked" being the operative word. I was outside with about a hundred other people, I didn't get inside the entry area until after the ashes - which they kindly sent a priest outside to give us. I had also thought that maybe the seven Mass would just be ashes. I was wrong.

I also had thought that a seven that there would be lots of parking. Do you know who else goes to Church Wednesday evening? Everyone and everyone has a church within shouting  distance of the Cathedral and everyone  at everyone else's church was at church. All ready. I had to park in hell.  I was going to make a crack about the Baptist skipping Ash Wednesday and having a  Mardi Gras pageant on Tuesday instead, but that would be wrong.

The long walk  was good for me, it was good for my soul, Lent is a season of self denial and penance.

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