Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yay Wednesday!

Happy First Day of Lent 2012!!! Woooooooo!  Its Ash Wednesday Up In  Here! Woot Woot!

What? Not partying? not enjoying ones self?  Did you hit the self denial a little hard last night? I thought so. I hit the buffet table at China Panda pretty hard myself and I spent the day light hours of Fat Tuesday surrounded by donuts and fun-sized candy bars at my desk. I feel your pain and then I came home and went out to dinner and let me tell you, the protean coma I fell into after dinner was a bear. Once I regained conscience muddled through and I was able to bully the customer service drone at DirecTV into sending me a new receiver - the tech support douche bags didn't want to but I went over the heads and threw them under the bus, so thrrubbt to them.


Did you know people actually go to restaurants during the week? I thought I would be the only person there. I have no real experience with eating in restaurants on week days. In my world they are only open Friday and Saturdays and maybe, Sunday lunch. So imagine my surprise when not only was the place open, I wasn't alone and from what I could tell, most of the other people there weren't even on vacation! Weird.

My boss is at family funeral today, so should I skeeve off work for Mass? I men they have to let me go and I could be all kinds of pious and just keep going back all day if I wanted to. I bet Saniturm spends the whole damn day at Mass and I bet he bathes in ashes, just bathes in it. Totally against scripture to do so but I bet he does. Philistine. He's the type who "forgets" to wipe off the ashes and spends all day with it on so people know he went, because he's so observant. I wonder what he thought of Vatican II? I wouldn't be at all surprised if  he staged "illegal" underground Latin Masses for years. I bet he wears a scapular and  a hair shirt and still says nasty things about Romney's' Mormon underwear .

I want to know if he's as anti-Viagra as he he is anti-birth control?  If Gawd doesn't want you to have an erection, he is Sending You A Message, don't put yourself above Him by inverting in His plan for you. If he is all about Gods Plans for Us he must know that Viagra is wrong.

 I could go to seven something and be late to work? Noon something and take a long lunch, 5:30pm, lie say Mass is at 3:00 and go home early and hit the 5:30pm? I could also not skeeve at all and hit the 7pm? Or maybe, I'll just drive around and listen to Mass for Shut Ins on Sirius.

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