Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baptism by Oil

I am two for two with frying. I fried again and did not burn down the house. Score.

AS promised I baptised the new frying pan with Chicken friend steak. I've always really liked but I've never known how one went about creating it. I was pretty much comfortable believing that they were created fully breaded from a restaurant. Shockingly, you can make them in your own kitchen. It does not require a commercial kitchen to make.

Stage 1 - Get a decent recipe. While I was thrilled to find Luby's recipe or something purporting to be Luby's recipe, I was not thrilled with the outcome. It was good, but next time I'll use a different recipe

Stage 2 - Let the oil heat up. It is not going to burn your house down if its hot enough to fry something. Truly, hot oil doesn't burn your house down, you screwing around with hot oil burns your house down. Fry your meat not your house. Not hot enough oil is a bad thing, its not supposed to be a lovely warm bath for your meat, its supposed to fry your meat.

Stage 3 - Pound that meat! Pound it! Pound it! I know have my very own meat pounder. I bought cube steak that while pre-tenderized and run through a machine, it still needed to be thinner to get the whole CFS effect.

Stage 4 - Learn how to bread. Flopping it around in flour isn't breading it. Do it right and it stays breaded, flop it around and you wind up with patches. Patches are bad.

All in all, I was pleased with this first effort. There was a lot of room for improvement but that just means I'm going to make it again. I love CFS so this is a win for me.




The next time I'm going to use this recipe , with a few tweaks. I'm going to pound the hell out of the meat - after I have done the intial breading, I saw that hint online somewhere and finally,  I'm going to let the oil heat up properly.

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