Monday, February 20, 2012


I had been happily blaming the satellite installation for causing my DVD problems. But then I started to think When was the last time I watched a DVD? Good question, the satellite provider changed on January 9 but I got the new TV the day after Thanksgiving. Could I have really not watched a DVD since before Thanksgiving? Really?

Could be. Christmas is a busy time and I was sick and going to be really early and by the time I was better it was January 9 . I don't think the satellite idiot is at fault. I think the TV is at fault. I immediately went to try to find my TV book, I have thirty different books for the satellite so where is my TV book?

I don't have a TV book. The TV  people were very happy to let me know that if I wanted that bad, wasteful, ungreen tree killer that I could just go online and print it out my own self. Have you ever printed out a manual? Yeah, I haven't either. I didn't think I would need to.

I need to, or really, I need to print out the section that explains how to properly hook my DVD player to my TV - which is where I think the problem lies. I don't think the satellite really cares about the DVD player at all.

I really thought I had maybe got the whole thing figured out because I was able to untangle a really awful mess of wires and cables and I thought this was going to be all enlightened but I wasn't, I did learn what those yellow and red wires do though - they seem to control the color of the image. I also found the very same looking plug ins on the side of the TV - this may be the enlightened part, but I'm still missing the one thing and I'm hopeing The Book will tell me and I can watch DVDs again. Netflix will be thrilled.

So, I went online and  I might have found it but it was taking forever to open the PDF file and desided that I will need to go online at work tomorrow instead. I can wait.

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