Friday, February 10, 2012

A girl and her dog.

I totally would have had a real entry today but first I had to walk Dogger and we explored whjat passes for the warehouse district here in Mayberry, and  we looked into the artfully broken windows of abandoned warehouses and the most clever ivy covered facades and followed train tracks to nowhere and had a front row seat to a hobo fight. Actually, the last part is a lie, we didn't see another living thing, which was actually kind of weird.

And then I had to come home and heat up dinner - Pro-tip: Stroganoff doesn't age well, eat it immediately or set it free because noodles do not thank you for freezing them. And then I had to doze off in front of the TV because I suddenly was really, really cold. What does a cold flash mean? And then I had to load the car because I'm going out of town and then I had to watch 30 Rock, a one hour Valentine Special!

And than I couldn't find my cell phone and don't say just call it! because it and I don't have that kind of relationship! And then I found it and discovered I hadn't gotten an email in four hours. I had to sulk and then the cat jumped into my lap and I had to stay perfectly still until he had to get up to chase something invisible.

So. Why are we supposed to be all invested in Zoe Deschanel? I mean because I don't get it and I don't get her. I know she's supposed to be all cute and kooky and some kind of post-ironic hipster princess but really? Because I am surrounded by post-ironic hipster princess and frankly, she falls in about the middle of the pack. So whatever. Gen X rulz.

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