Thursday, February 9, 2012

The price of no expectations.

And so you're asking yourself, Diana, how about those brownies? Did you make them? Why, yes, yes I did. I went to the less nice grocery store where I looked at various price points of less nice boxed chocolate powder and ultimately I decided on the less nice  mid-priced chocolate powder. I could have gone all the way with the $2.95 version,  or the nice grocery but I choice to go with the less nice mid priced powder because what is .45 anyway? The store was closer.

And how did they taste? You ask.

Brown. They taste brown. They taste like what would happen if you added oil and eggyweggies to brown powder and then baked the paste.  In their defence, they looked divine. Now I know what .45 gets you:  actual brownies. Actual nummy chocolaty goodness.

Lesson learned. When faced with two shelves of boxed brown powder : Buy the $2.85 brown powder and visit the nicer grocery store.Reach for the stars.

I know I should have made actual chocolate brownies from scratch but then I would have been in the store for days and my uncontrollable desire for brownies, any brownies  did not specify quality of said brownies and no its not "that" time, so shut the f' up. If I had gone Full Brownie the whole thing would have exploded into a full scale recipe and many dirty bowls and no doubt would have run me a lot more than $4.32 at the check out and a minute and a half of prep time. I also assume that most reputable brownies recipes do not include store brand eggyweggies among the ingredients.I don't see this as a total loss,  I itched  my scratch as well as scoring some  store brand eggyweggies for future use.

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