Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bing Bong the Witch is gone!

It's a good week to be a liberal! First  after the application of considerable pressure, that zealot at SBK steps down and then completely on its own, the Ninth District court overturns California's' Prop 8. Yay us! Yay people who read and understand the constitution! and  sometimes when you sign seventeen different petitions, it actually works! Yay for Twitter and Facebook spreading the word! Yay! for equal protection under the law! Boo for those who would want otherwise.

Speaking of those who would want otherwise, how much did Romney contributed to the passing of Prop 9? back when, I think we should know that and I think he should tell us. Can I find it online?  Lets look shall we? Well, no official word of how much but some hint of what, stock transfers worth millions to the church  that coincided with their furious fund raising to  deny Californians to right to marry. Hmm. If he was willing as a private citizen to act against the rights of his fellow Americans what would he do with the power of the Presidency? A terrifying thought, one I hope the DNC runs with, first the gays then the women and then who? Who else might displease him? Who else might need to be controlled? The Mormon hating Baptists perhaps?  I'm really surprised that Mr. Noshame Gingrich isn't hitting this drum harder.

Anyway. On to me. I had a lovely dinner of  semi-homemade fish soup and some very nice rolls and I decided I still wanted something and after some reflection I decided that the "something" was most definitely brownies. Really good brownies. I then looked up online to see what goes into really good brownies and learned that I don't keep those kind of ingredients in the house, if I wanted really good brownies I would either have to offer it up or go shopping for cocoa powder and real eggs.

I don't really want cocoa powder in the house and eggs can be problematic. I started to think I could still go to the store but maybe just buy a really high end boxed brownie mix - I would still have to buy eggs but I could get by with eggyweggies and a less oily oil.

Brownies of any status would still mean leaving the house and I'm not sure I really want to. While its not actually cold outside, its not warm outside either and I don't think my delicate health needs me to spend a lot of time outside and if I do talk myself into going to the store, then I'll have to come home and make the brownies and then they have to cook and by the time they cook it will be very late and  you shouldn't eat brownies when its very late and then of course I will have brownies in the house and that is a bad plan because once you have brownies in the house you are obligated to eat the brownies until they are gone.

I wish there was Dog Brownies because then I could  fill my need to make brownies without the obligation to eat the brownies.

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