Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink hedge clippers do not cure cancer.

As you might remember, on Friday SBK decided that committing brand suicide is a bad idea. Shocking. While all that was going on, I among others discovered that SBK is not the worlds best charity, its a charity  boasting a  77% overhead?!, but not a great one. Its run by right-wing zealots and spineless  Bushco dweebs  - Ari Fleishman was the point man here! 

I don't think they have women's health or curing breast cancer at the top of their priority lists and women may not be on their lists at all and if women do show  up there its certainly not all women, just some women. I guess some breasts are more important that other breasts. We all have breast tissue but some of our breast tissue is made of unicorns and sparkles.

I had a mammogram,  I have insurance and I went to a very nice radiology clinic with lovely furniture in the lobby and expensive magazines and dressing rooms and cloth gowns  and calming music piped in. All in all, very nice, and yet  I'm pretty sure there were no unicorns in the images and a tragic lack of sparkles, possibly because I vote blue but this didn't matter and it shouldn't matter because mammograms aren't a red/blue issue, its a medical procedure performed thousands of times a day on republican women, democratic women, independent women, green party moron women.  Our breasts don't vote! I've never asked mine where their sympathies lay because it doesn't matter!

It matters to SBK. Medical procedures are not political footballs, unless you're you're a right-wing zealot and then everything is a red/blue issue and everything involving women and health and maintaining women's health is all about abortion. Ev.er.yt.hi.ng.  Block that kick!

Many, many women don't have insurance and they don't get such fancy accommodations like I did or accommodations of any kind. From a completely bloodless, monetary stand point: They just don't get scanned and if there is an early cancer to identify it doesn't get identified  until  its well past early and now much too late and  then its not a cheap cancer either, late stage cancer, very expensive cancer and in the absents of  insurance, there is medicaid and medicaid means we all pay. The woman pays the real price but we all foot the bill - a huge expense to the tax payer. Catch it early, lose thousands in tax dollars, catch it late, lose millions.  It doesn't matter, Block that kick!

Okay, if you want to help in the fight against breast cancer and you have vowed that you will not buy another pink anything and you will  not donate one more cent to SBK, there are options. Enter options, lots and lots of options .

I'm spraying my hedge clippers black.

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