Monday, February 13, 2012

Watching the Grammys(tm) so you don't have to

"Watching" is the operative word. I have the TV on mute. I don't know what a Bruno Mars is and I don't care to learn, I don't have to, I'm over 40.

The show did kick off with a tribute to Whitney Houston, which was nice but had she not passed, she wouldn't have been mentioned even in passing. Isn't it ironic, she won't be mentioned either. Yes, my awesome music reference. I haven't actully really followed music with any regularity since 1994 with the exception of Adele and Bruce Springsteen so that may very well be my only reference. Lets hear it for AOR!

Bonnie Rhait still looks just like Bonnie Rhait, I don't know what that says about how she looked 15 years ago.

Yay Adele! Take that Lady Gag Me!

I bought a exercise ball over the weekend and I am trying it out. I discovered that I don't have the balance to do any of the suggested exersices so I am starting out slowly with using it has an office chair. So far so good. I'm not sure why this is supposed to be good exercise. What is sitting here supposed to accomplish? It may be too short to use a desk chair.

Perhaps I should watch the DVD. I also bought a cast iron frying pan the check out woman called a "attitude adjuster". My plan is to baptise it with chicken fried steak.

Reba Mcintire looks like a badly done muppet. I used to like her until she dissed the Dixie Chicks a few years ago, at some awards show. Rightwing cow.

I'm still sitting on my ball. I don't feel substantially more toned. I went and looked online as to why I am sitting on my ball. It seems my ball is really too small for this use, I am tall so I need a bigger ball. But according to 10 reasons to use an exersice ball as your office chair it is perfectly okay to use an exercise ball as a chair. But, there was another article from  the ergonomich chair industry,  ergonomically speaking, from our friends with the ergonomic chair industry, that its a no-no. Possibly because they would rather I use a $400 chair instead of a $40 ball. My ball cost on $12.

Rhianna is wearing a lot of clothes and none of her choreography thus far has included SMBD! (sadomasochism-bondage/discipline) They must have had a talk with her.

I didn't realize that the Grammys(tm) had good ads.

Okay, I'm pretty much done with sitting on this ball. I'm going back to my couch.

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