Friday, February 17, 2012

Yay Friday!

I was casting about for something to do, something I didn't have to do and I decided that I wanted to go to Wallyworld, ebcause you know Wallyworld and so I set off down New Bern and about a quarter of the way there I realized I wasn't moving and none of the cars in front of me were either. I hadn't seen traffic like this since the Popeye's opened. It was then I saw the lights on the cop cars and I noticed how many of those there were. Lots. Lots and lots.

I looked for the tell tale puddles of blood or a vehicle destroyed beyond identification or a burned out building or any signs of violence and saw none. I was sitting in a endless traffic jam and no one was dead! I mean, really.

I wanted to go to Wallyworld because I wanted to get the fixings for Chicken Fried Steak. If you're in the market for a really cheap cut of meat you can't find a better market. You can't find the right kind of cheap meat at a real grocery because they have too much pride in their products to carry such shameful things.

But I never made it to Wallyworld, I made it to the signal and got out of line. I would really like to know what happened there. I'm thinking a gas leak from one of the gas stations at the intersection  bcause there were no ambulances and no signs of a wreak and nothing was on fire.

ANywa, it was for the best I didn't make it to Wallyworld, I don't have a recipe for CHS, I thought I did but when I looked I didn't have one. The one I really wanted was Luby's Cafeteria version, my favorite of all the CFS I've had and after 30 plus years in Texas, I have a had a lot of CFS.  I thought I had a recipe from a place in Austin that made a really good CFS but it's a nice place and while it makes a really good CFS, CFS can be too good. I'm not looking for designer CFS I just want chicken fried steak and I want Luby's.

And so I went looking, not really imagining I would find it and then I put "Luby's Cafeteria Chicken Fried Steak Recipe" and hit the mother load. Apparently, I am not the only person who lusted for The Recipe .

Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the Wallyworld.

In honor of That Stupid Holiday, I am posting a bonus Friday Cat Blogging!

Isn't he beautiful? My tiny valentine.

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