Thursday, February 16, 2012

Technical difficulties

The Pekingese won? For real? I demand a recount!

I noticed the other day that  I have not watched a DVD since, oh, January 9th, which coincides with my new satellite provider moving to town.

I tried to watch a DVD and failed. After playing with the TV and finally reading the direction book, I can now control the DVD player with my satellite remote! What I can't do is watch a DVD.

I think the earnest young man who spent the better part of a day hooking up my system didn't hook up my components and Gawd knows I do not know  nothin' about hookin' up no components. It is not a part of my skill set. I will send up the Bro Sign and hope he can swoop in a fix it.

On the old provider I said "I want to watch a DVD" and I turned on the DVD player and I watched a DVD. It was simple. New satellite provider isn't as dedicated to simplicity as the old provided. Speaking of new provider, I just spent a long time on the phone with them to get a problem diagnosed and cured and I think it may have worked. The satellite kept losing signal, over and over again. It behaved as though the power was going out. I recognized that this was bad and I consulted my book wich directed me to press the red button. And I did, over and over again.

I was address the symptoms but not the cause. I finally called the number and told them about the problem. They gave me advice and suggestions. I unplugged a cable and replug it back in. The guy promised me this would fix it. And it did, for about twenty minutes.

I called back. Again, we unplugged the cable. Next we unplugged the box. This is where I think the initial problem stems from. The TV and box had been plugged into a power cord that was plugged into the wall. Now the power cord has nothing plugged into it and it is plugged into the extension cord I had used to plug in the Christmas tree. The guy on the phone suggested that I plug the box into the wall.

Done. Problem solved. The guy on the phone said if it happened again it was probably my TV. I told him it was not the TV and not-so-subtly blamed the guy who did the install. We agreed to disagree.

And then it did it again

When I have more time and perhaps an extra set of hands I'm going to plug both the TV and the box into the power cord and plug the cord into the wall. I have the same hook up with the computer and have never had a problem. Why would you plug an unused power cord into an extension cord and then use the extension cord as the power source for everything else?

I'm going to vacuum out behind the TV and the computer and get the cables figured out and try to get this stuff done correctly. And see if Broskey can make it so I can watch DVDs again.

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