Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Show

You know what is kind of awesome? Pulmicort! Sure, it makes me a little nausea right after I take it but damn does it stop the cough! And I don't  actually throw up, I just kind of want to . Huge improvement.

I do have some cough left but its like regular person coughing! No dizziness or spots! Its like a miracle drug! Thank Gawd I got it for free because if I left it up to my insurance company I would just keep sucking on cough drops. Cheap bastards.

Dogger is watching the dog show and being very critical of the dogs. According to her all the dogs are "fat bitches" regardless of the dogs gender. She's being very hateful. She was sweet to the non-sporting and toy groups but I think she sences that she is related to a lot of the sporting breeds and she feels inadequate - so untrue by the way! If she wasn't chronically gun shy and adverse to swimming and uninterested in game, she would be a fantastic sporting dog.

Where is the Weim? They are outstanding sporting dogs! I mean I like cocker spaniels but is it necessary to have twenty-four different kinds? I've always heard that they are  high strung and hard to manage. Cute as all hell though.

Oh finally,  the Wiem was so pretty!  Our dog had a prettier face but wasn't as shiny or muscular as they are breeding them to be now but she had the best personality and was the sweetest dog. Well, the Weim didn't win but I bet he had the strongest character and does the most charity work.

I think Dogger might be more comfortable with the working breeds. They do the heavy lifting and I think Dogger is a spiritual sister to them if not actual kin.  Its the boxer and rot in her that are responsible for a big part of who she is. Yes, Dogger is all working dog. Strong, sweet, brave, ready to kick your ass. Thats my dog.

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