Friday, March 16, 2012

The 21 Century looked bigger from a distance.

Good Morning Boys and Girls! Does this look significantly more awesome than it does on a usual basies?
This is coming not from its the usual Dianaverse HQ but from a new location, all the way down the hall! In a different room! Attached to an entirely different kind of modem! I am nearly falling over with shock myself so I will give you time to adjust.

Feeling back to normal? I don't! Mostly because I'm squatting on the floor to do this and my knees hurt and I can't feel my ankles. Small sacrifice. This is also the longest period of time I have used the laptop keyboard - and let me just tell you  the ability to adapt and change is what keeps us young and trust me I am feeling younger every minute.  Prior to this break through the only thing I was able to use this computer to do was play solitaire and feel bitterness.

Here is an example of learning and changing, the crouching on the floor was not working so I solved the problem by finding something to sit on, this caused the machine to be too low so I put it on a booster seat to raise it up. Are either of these ideal solutions? No they are not, are they better than being thwarted by my dial up connection and my ancient desk top? Oh so much! Will I have to go back later on this evening to use that unfortunate creature? why yes, yes I will.

Is there anything on this computer? No, no there isn't. Google Chrome and Office - nice and all but not everything I need to do what I need to get done. Which is to say Facebook isn't on here and neither is Fark or Twitter or my email. I can add them one at a time but what would be ideal is to move over all my stuff  from the desk top and I don't know how to do that. I think kits time to send up the Broskey Signal.

 It would also be really rocking if the router would show up on schedule and Rashesh promised it would, so that my phone could be freed from the tyranny of data usage and I could leave it on and even better, update my aps! I think my Kindle would also dig on it too

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