Thursday, March 22, 2012

As time goes by, 5000 posts later.

This is my 5000th post. Ta da.

This was my very first post on April 15, 2003

Welcome to my Blogg. This is not a diary. There will be no entries describing what I wore today, my weight at the given moment or what the weather is like. Unless its necessary to the plot- like gratuitous violence and nudity in a film with no plot and a bad script, but with a hotty actress and a trailer featuring explosions and fast cars.

Today I got an annoying forwarded email that bummed me and I had to ask for help from The Girl. Who then accused me of miss filing  something that wasn't even in my office yet. Silent but Evil did some hole punching for me while Miss Thing talked on her cell phone. I love my job

I wrote this at my desk at work, I'm not sure why I was mad at The Girl or why asking her help was a  problem, because The Girl was a friend, but Miss Thing was a bitch then and later to my horror, replaced The Girl as my supervisor. Miss Thing is still a bitch and I still really, really dislike her, but she's no longer my supervisor, so I dislike her mostly as a matter of muscle memory. Silent But Evil is still mentally unstable and given to long stretches of sick leave for unpublished reasons. She was very crazy then and is still very crazy. You've really never lived until someone has stared at your back for hours. You really can feel it, like very blunt knives or saftey scissers just touching you.

 I know that at some point I changed the names of the above, as Miss Thing was originally called BitchWhoreSlut - but I was afraid she would find my blog and  make my life (more) miserable at work so I changed hers and theirs but she remains a bitch.

I don't just talk about work, I had guest writers tackling dog and cat issues too. The Answer Dogs  and Counterpoint Kitty were much loved contributors.  Sad Now.  Gootch, Modean and Tex are all gone now.

In reading old posts I see I haven't changed dramatically, I hated Shrub and his war and his stupid and his increasely crazed machinations of his administration - In hindsight, he seems so docile and respectful. Shrub never tried to take away my access to birth control, he wanted to own the contents of my uterus, but he never tried to take the keys to it away from me.

Anyway, Happier Thoughts! A Skycap Ate my Catby! Tex and I took at least two or three cross country flights together and he always did well, he did not love the layover's because he couldn't grasp why I didn't let him out of his case and I'm sure he really wanted to know where I stowed his litter box. I don't think Ace would be as good a travel companion.

Somewhere along the line I discovered gardening. And a meme was born. I believe hat the first garden was planted in 2008, I didn't compulsively blog this because I didn't yet have a digital camera and I couldn't post pictures as easily as I do now. Garden X was very small and narrow and not terribly productive or photogenic. I planted tomatoes, squash and zucchini, I know I got a couple of zucchini but I seem to remember the squash were non-starters. Little did I know that a few years later I would grow everything from tomatoes to watermelon to potatoes to mushrooms.

Pictures. Speaking of pictures. Go to the side panel and hit "Photoblogging" and spend some time with  my pictures. For someone who fought digital cameras I have certainly learned to embrace them. I'm on my second digital camera and can see a new one in the next year or so. They are only "good" for about 10,000 pictures before they start to age out. I can make a camera age with a single trip to the beach. Some say "compulsive" I say "Practice makes perfect".

I'm going to go read my archives.

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