Friday, March 23, 2012

Yay Friday!

Okay, 5001.

Today at work we had a potluck to celibrate Us. people asked why were having this potluck and we said it was for Self Appreciation day - because Staff Appreciation Day makes us want to kill ourselves. No one else really ares about us and those that do think we're idiots so we have to celebrate ourselves and today we celebrate ourselves with a lot of food.

And we celebrate ourselves with hot food when we finally remembered to turn on the power strip we had all the hot pots plugged into.

I ate all day. I ate healthy all day, well mostly, but even if you spend the day eating raw carrots and celery - which I did not, you end feeling like you swallowed a beach ball.  In between helpings of spicy chicken and dip, meatballs and my own soup, I cleanesed my palet with  home made gingerbread cupcakes and chocolate brownies.

By the time I got home I could barely put away my doggy bags to deal with the doggy.  I was so over stuffed it took me a moment to wrest the lap-top's new home out its box. Its very awesome and since its neoprene I'm pretty sure in a pinch I can use it for SCUBA diving. Someday I might actually lean to SCUBA and in that case I will absolutely want to blog from the deep, and now I can. If the laptop doesn't care for swimming I bet I could zip Small Cat into and take him along instead. Although I think I would have an easier tome convincing the computer about the joys of being submersed because it does not punctuate arguments with blood shed and its hardly in a position to kill me in my sleep.

Dogger wouldn't be a good candidate but she could certainly man the support boat, she does after all have her own life vest and comes with webbed feet. She would make a great crew person.

Speaking of Dogger. I decided that after eating everything, that what I needed was a good long walk. My plan was to walk from one end of downtown to the other - to really walk my meal off. Dogger had a different idea. Dogger wanted to walk around in  field downtown while scanning the sky's for incoming death from above. I think the real problem was she could hear someone using a microphone or a loud speaker and she doesn't like how it sounds. We would start heading in that direction and she would dig her heals in. I would go in a different direction but as soon as I started to veer  towards downtown she starting humming We Shall Overcome and talking about she was "Going to Occupy This Sidewalk!" and I just gave up.  Also, after years if experience with it, I've found that having passerbys witness you being outsmarted by your dog, does not make you feel like the you are on the right side of the leash.

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