Monday, March 26, 2012

Chop, chop.

I have been hopeing to get the garden tilled - the longer you think about doing this more important it becomes, not being able to do it was really making me tense. I needed to get this done even more than I wanted to get it done.

I got it done. I snuck in Friday evening between rain storms and now the tilling is of my list. I can kind of see myself doing it again but it was important to get it done the first time.

Yes, there are remaining winter cover trapped under the trellis. I see it there as well. I also see a handful of tiny, growing pea plants too. Its about looking on the bright side.

And then in rained.

Saturday. Rain. It stopped and I raced outside and planted my last potatoes, I was just going to go get water to give them a little bath when it started to rain again. I thought I was quite awesome for being so timely in my planting schedule. I almost put my arm out patting myself on the back.

I did laundry and generally watched TV and did some laundry - and put away two weeks worth of laundry while I was at it. My arm still hurts from all the back patting going on. It was raining all this time. It rains all the time now, its like living in a significantly less hip Seattle, once it gets warmer is going to be like Guam, I can't comment on hipness quotient of Guam, Raleigh is probably cooler than Guam. Go us.

During a break in the torrential rain, I took Dogger on a pee break to go visit our newest spuds. I planted these next to the house where the plants were last year, I thought this was a good place. I thought wrong. Apparently we didn't get a lot of torrential rains. This year they looked like something Snape would have hexed Harry for producing in potions. I had to go bobbing for spuds and dump everything out. I was not happy about this. I had enough dirt to replant part of the group after I moved the planter to the back yard with the other all-ready-in-progress potatoes. I had to go out Sunday and get more dirt so I could replant the remaining spuds. I was not happy.

When I went out to get more dirt I found something else I really needed. I bought a scythe. I was tired of being made to feel defeated by my lawn  and worse than that, being defeated by my backyard! If anyone told you that winter grass dies off once it gets warm - they are lying it doesn't die, it just gets stronger and deeper! In theory it should get pushed out by summer grass but I don't have summer grass, this stuff is doing to my yard what the teabaggers did to the GOP! I can't mow it because its a lot more butch than my mower and it knows it! Its even muscling out the weeds! Which would be a good thing except I also think its trying to get into the house and the last time I was out there in shorts I think it touched me and not in a good way.

Enter scythe. Also, see all eight of of my spud planters.

Doesn't the grass look discipline and under control and properly chastened? Isn't it nice to be able to see the planters? I think so.

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