Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Conjoined Twins

I went to Home Depot on Sunday afternoon to pick up some metal cleats to hold down my trellis and I brought my cleats home riding in two stuck together redwood  planters. They were $4.93 because they were sealed together and "they had tried real hard to get them apart". I was asked at the checkout if I had been able to get them apart.

I took them home and brought them inside, after work Monday I hauled them  with some difficulty down stairs and planted them in front of the dehumidifier. I came a couple of hours later and tried to pry them apart with my hands. No go. I then grabbed a paint scraper and went around the edges . Presto! I had two separate planters.

I thought about the other stuck together planters I did not buy Sunday afternoon. I thought how much I wanted them and how really sad it would be for someone else to buy them and end up with siamese planters and how sad and unfulfilled the planters would be! They Needed Me! I hurried back to Home Depot to rescue them  from an uncertain life and the possiblity they could end up kindling! and to all of our great joy they were still there! Still stuck together, still $4.93 each .

The lady who checked me out asked if I realized I was going to buy two planters and if I knew they were stuck together. She told me that they had the planters since last year and they had been stacked and stuck ever since and that these were the very last ones. After I paid for them, I told her I had bought another set over the weekend and I how easily I got them apart. That's when she told me they had sold for $25 a piece before a stack of them got left out in the rain.

 I took these new planters home and carried them downstairs and put them in front of the dehumidifier, but before I turned it on, I tried the  same paint scraper trick just to see if it would work. It was even easier the second time around.

 I can't believe that at Home Depot "trying real hard to get them apart" did not include "use simple tools" . Why am I not some sort of evil overload? Because clearly I could be. I probably should be. What a wonderful world it would be.

On the downside they aren't small and they aren't light , actually quite big and quite heavy and  long term storage might be an issue but 1) I got one over on Home Depot and 2)  they were cheaper than the smaller plastic tubs I buy at Big Lots.

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