Monday, March 5, 2012


My plan for the weekend going in was to till up the garden, get the trellis up and maybe get the peas in. And then it rained. And rained. and rained. It just pretty much rained the whole time. So instead of spending Saturday piously being an urban farmer, I bought a computer.

A laptop. And even before I did that, I called up my ISP and signed myself up for cable. No more dial up for me! I am pretty certain I was the last dial up client they had. Starting next week I'll be able to play with the computer anywhere I want and I can leave my phone on all the time - not that it will matter, now that I don't have dial up any longer my phone won't be busy any longer. Also, wifi. My phone thanks me, my Kindle thanks me. I can now play with the computer anywhere I want. It will probably live in the office, but it can take day trips now to the kitchen.

I don't have any of this fun things yet though. So, I'm thinking garden. On Sunday it finally stopped raining and while tilling is still out of the question, I was able to get my trellis in and plant my peas. I will till everything up but not until next weekend, and yes, I will have to be careful but tilling isn't rocket science and as long as I stay away from the trellis, it shouldn't be a problem. I was very happy with the soil when I was getting in the peas, I found many, many worms and the soil was gorgeous. I hope that this year I'll  do more with my peas than just plant them like I did last year. Last year with my late planting, I got a single pea, which was quite lovely but I learned from that and this year I planted a lot earlier than I did last year,I am hopeful I'll get more than a single plant.  Peas like cool weather and by the time I got them in the ground last year it was too late and too warm. Its cold and wet now, go peas!

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