Monday, March 12, 2012

Lost in Translation

Well, that was anti-climactic. By this time I was supposed to be coming to you on my fab  new computer, drunk off the wonders of wifi. I'm not sure if you can tell,. but this is dial up form my ancient desk top.


It turns out the person I spoke with a week ago in Bangalore wasn't sufficiently schooled as to what she was supposed to get across to me  and failed to discuss the router and how that was going to happen and then when she spoke with the cable people they took from the conversation that I wanted to sign up for cable not wifi. The guy came ready to install a cable box and give me some remotes. I was a little livid and I kicked him out of the house. I went on to have a short, loud conversation with Bombay detailing the level of my disappointment with their customer service.

Suffice to say I was very disappointed. Wednesday night the cable guy is coming back to install whatever they install and sometime this week my router will arrive. I've been assured that this is "easy" to hook up...  and they promise they will "talk me through it", but because  I've talked to them in the past, I have serious doubts that this is going to end well. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up electrocuting  myself and burning down the house.

I did other things Saturday, I planted more potatoes, got my blueberries planted - too late I fear,  did laundry, made a simply fabulous home-made chicken noodle soup and then followed that up with an outstanding chicken pot pie. I have a way with shredded chicken.

Did you know that you can't get chicken bones at the grocery butcher? I had to make my own, I bought a small whole chicken, chopped it up, baked it, shredded the meat and added it to my soup pot. To it I added chicken thighs ( baked)  some finely chopped portobellos, bouquet garnish (fancy for chopped carrots/celery/onions) and fresh herbs.

I've made it before, but this time I got fancy and strained the broth through cheese cloth and really worked at picking out the bones from the meat. The broth is darker than I had planned but the mushrooms made it that way. Perhaps next time I'll add them later. Its still fab.

Does anyone know what I can do with left over shredded chicken?

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