Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Tuesday.

I'm sitting here listening to my Itunes on my lap top. earlier, I made my dinner with a recipe I found on an online recipe site and brought my computer into the kitchen to use as an animated cookbook.

Later, I'm going to try to find an ex-boyfriend from college and throw myself on his mercy for making so much fun of him and his computer back in he day. He broke up with me when I told him it was me or it, apparently it had a better personality and was nicer to him than I was; as cool and multi-talented as it was, it couldn't go to the Austin Improv and humiliate him in public like I could and did.  So maybe I wasn't entirely innocent or undeserving of being dumped. I blame the light board for ratting me out but in my defence, if he had spent half as much time with me as he did with his computer, things would have ended differently. I would have accused him of cheating on me with his room mate instead announcing he was having a sexual relationship with his commodore 64.  I still think he would have if he could have. Humpfh.

Now, in modern days, I spend more time with my computer than he ever did.

This weekend, I took a break form my computer, and planted a zillion tiny plants, and now I'm covering all zillion of them in plastic. Have you ever tried to gently over tiny, fragile baby plants with sheets? Its not a gentle act, its actually very violating and I expect to lose more plants from the protection that from the cold.  I'm hoping they aren't permanently damaged from the covers, I know my potatoes will be all right and the peas will come through but its really hard to cover short climbing plants, I really fear for my green beans.

My only hope is that reports of a freeze have been greatly exaggerated. I checked my weather sites and while none of them are calling for a hard freeze  they are warning of low thirties and even that low can't be good for tender little plants.

Speaking of tender little delicate things, I need to go see how badly the evil Yankees are beating up on my poor little baby Rangers. I hate the Yankees. Not just because they are the Yankees, but because hey always do really mean things to my Rangers. Years ago they used to use them for target practice and to try out new recruits from their farm teams. They didn't even respect the Rangers enough to send out their second string and they still beat them like a drum. That was then and this is now, the  Yankees fell to the  Rangers on their way to the World Series and it felt really good, this year they are having a not-fabulous (9-6) season while the Rangers are having a good season (13-3).

 The Rangers are having a crap game tonight though, super crap, not going to come back from this, better hope for a better tomorrow kind of game game. I hate the Yankees. I must remember however that baseball is a game of statistics, a zillion games played over many, many, many months and this too shall pass.  Its a long season and there are other teams as yet unplayed, that the Rangers will beat like a drum. I still hate the Yankees though.

I need to let the game go, its not good for my blood pressure. Apparently, nothing is good for my blood pressure. It does give me something to hold over my co-workers heads though "Are you going to tell me something that is going to disturb me? Is it worth my head exploding? Is this something you can handle on your own then? Great". I can't use that often without actually coming across with an exploding head as an object lesson and I'm not that much interested in teaching.

Every once in a while I turn the  blood pressure machine I borrowed from one of them on, and let them hear it do its thing, I know they can hear it and I'm trying to train them to see it as a sign their behavior is upsetting me. I don't really use it because it doesn't work very well, but it s good teaching tool. A lesson I don't mind teaching.

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